• Does Fragrance House UK manufacture finished products?

    Yes we offer the complete package, from concentrate to finished packaged product. We can do everything.

  • Do you have a catalogue?

    We do not have a catalogue as such however, we would suggest that you contact us so we can brief you on what we have done and are currently doing. We use our established fragrance library when selecting the appropriate for a brief.

  • How long does it take to develop a fragrance?

    This depends greatly on each individual requirement. Enquiries can be answered within days and the general process can take several weeks or months. The level of urgency and dedication shown by the client is a major factor here.

  • What is your lead time for deliveries?

    We endeavour to get any order processed within 12 weeks after the order being placed. Again this is subject to your individual requirements.

  • Do you have a minimum order quantity/value?

    100. We are geared to cater for smaller, bespoke designers and boutiques who generally prefer lower quantity runs initially. Each client is different so please get in touch with your requirements.

  • Is your manufacturing based solely in the UK?

    Yes. Our manufacturing plant is in Lancashire in the North West of the England. However, we can distribute globally both physically and under license agreements.

  • What materials do you use in your fragrance?

    Again, that depends on your requirements. Our established perfumery has over 60 years industry experience so the possibilities are endless.

  • Do you adhere to any advisory or legislative bodies?

    Yes. We are members of IFRA UK and we comply with the standards and manufacturing practices of IFRA, as do our suppliers.

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