We are one of just a handful of global companies who offer a unique service, from concept to completion we manage the entire process of creating your fragrance and or grooming products. Together with our perfume house and contract manufacturer, we offer our expertise in the development process, ingredients and latest fragrance trends to give you the ultimate unique fragrance under your creative control.


We have a comprehensive repertoire of global fragrance and grooming packaging suppliers to cater for any retail requirement whether that be high street, bespoke or individual. We can supply packaging for almost any requirement, large or small.




With an extensive knowledge of fragrance manufacturing and a history in graphic design, we will work with your brand to establish the best possible designs for your fragrance and grooming packaging within your required remit and budget.


Our aim is to give your established brand the gravitas and kudos of having your own range of grooming products and /or fragrance. Perhaps you require a fresh, unique brand to mirror your new fragrance. Our team will develop a brand that best compliments your requirements. We also work closley with you offering sales and marketing expertise to achieve sales targets.




Working with brands from a web development background, we have comprehensive knowledge of the e-commerce platforms available. We can assist with the creation of websites, social media, merchant services and e-commerce platforms to ensure your product has the maximum online exposure. Alternatively, we can assist with the incorporation of the fragrance into your existing e-commerce platform.

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